Riding a bicycle to work instead of driving may be good exercise, as well as good for the environment, but if you’re a man, it can end your sex life. Doctors have found that pressure on the scrotum of a male bike rider can not only adversely affect the ability to get an erection, it can also affect libido, which is the desire to have sex. Many men do not realize that Viagra only facilitates sexual ability, it doesn’t help you feel sexy (except as a placebo). If you want to find out whether you need Viagra or other sexual enhancement medicine, you need to take the postage stamp test.

From Sandra Blakeslee, writing in the October 4 New York Times, as well as from conversations with medical specialists, we have learned the following: even ergonomic bicycle seats, which have a hole in the middle of the saddle, can be harmful to a man’s sex life. And the more a man rides a bike, the more sexual dysfunction he’ll experience. This has been known for some time?what’s new is the realization that riding a bike actually affects a man’s DESIRE to have sex.

The old fashioned, heavily padded bike seats are best for men because they cause your weight to rest on your buttocks, rather than on the nerves leading to the scrotum. Men who use stationary exercise bikes should also use caution about this. And now that more and more policemen, in cities like San Antonio, are being issued bikes instead of patrol cars, this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

This makes us wonder if bike riding acts as form of a birth control in countries like China where millions of people use bicycles instead of cars. Recently, Chinese men have been giving up their bikes and adopting small cars. Besides adding to their already high rate of pollution, this may cause a population explosion in a country that can ill afford one. So far, we know of no official studies about this.

The postage stamp test: Most men’s sexual libido is highest around 4 a.m. To see if you need Viagra, take a section from a roll of postage stamps and pass it around your penis at night before you go to bed, sticking the two ends together lightly. If the seal is broken when you wake up in the morning, it means you’ve had an erection and don’t need Viagra.

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