The US and Europe aren’t the only ones having a recession–Iceland is too. How does your behavior change when you discover that your money is no longer real? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). The nation’s economy was doing fine until the autumn of 2008, when everything suddenly collapsed in only a few weeks. Iceland defaulted and nationalized its banks and the value of their currency went down 36%. Businesses failed, putting people out of work.

Unlike the large and diverse United States, Iceland is a small country where many people are related to each other. This makes it a perfect place for psychologists and economists to study the ways in which recessions effect people psychologically.

Not surprisingly, the use of alcohol, tobacco, indoor tanning, sugary drinks and snacks decreased (because all these items are expensive) and (on the positive side) sleep, exercise and eating fresh food increased. In other words, the recession made Icelanders healthier. McDonald’s even closed its Icelandic franchises.

And here’s a surprise: More people got married. Earlier research has shown that marriage leads to better health, especially for men.

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