Whitley Strieber has completed his long awaited book thePath, which details the inner work that he has followed forthe past thirty years. You can listen to excerpts from “ThePath” by clicking on the link at the bottom of this story. Thisancient way toward higher consciousness is hidden in symbolsof the Tarot of Marseilles, and has never been revealedpublicly before.Strieber attributes his nine years of close encounters tothe fact that he was on the path. “It was clear to me almostfrom the beginning that I was being offered guidance becauseI already understood certain basic things about the path,”Strieber has said. He first started talking about this bookin 1980, but has waited until now to write it “so that Icould do so with the authority of a lifetime of work withthese ideas.”

To learn more about Whitley’s path, read his latest Journalentry, the 100th in the series,click here. To getthe book, clickhere.

To listen to excerpts from “ThePath”,clickhere.

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