People who get sick on the weekend or while on vacation may be have a new medical condition. Researchers in the Netherlands think a significant proportion of the population is suffering from this. They’ve found that 3% of people get sick with a variety of different complaints, such as fatigue, muscular pains and nausea, as soon as they stop working and try to relax. Cold and flu-like symptoms are especially common during holidays.

They studied 1,128 men and 765 women and found that many of them have suffered from the condition for the past 10 years. Many said their symptoms were due to stress and the difficulty ‘switching off’ when they took a break from work. Those with a heavy workload and the greatest responsibility were most at risk. Cary Cooper, of the International Stress Management Association, says, “Relaxing can be very stressful for a lot of people. When they got off the treadmill of life their immune system collapses.”

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