At the same time that the European Union wants to ban alldepictions of the dreaded Nazi swastika, scientists arefinding it has a role in optics and cryptography. Hitler didnot invent the swastika, he only “borrowed” it, since it wasa symbol of prosperity and good fortune in many ancientcultures. Today, one can travel to small towns in Mexicoand spot swastikas woven into traditional Mayan shawls.

In the U.K., Dr. Darren Bagnall has found that he canarrange tens of thousands of gold swastikas on a tiny squaremillimeter in order to form a new material that will changethe polarization of light. Light becomes “twisted” into theswastika form, providing a new way to send encoded messages.

Swastikas inspired one of the worst wars the world has everknown, but perhaps they will help us fight the War on Terrorin the future. To keep up on the news about terrorism–andeverythingelse–subscribeto unknowncountry today!

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