Scientists have studied geckos, the lizards that like to walk on the ceiling, and have created a sticky tape that will allow humans to do the same thing. Each gecko toe is covered by billions of tiny hair-like structures which set up tiny electrical charges, allowing the animal to cling to a wall or ceiling. So far, scientists have only been able to create a tiny piece of the tape. Andre Geim says, “We demonstrated this actually with a small toy of spiderman which we found in the nearest shop. We covered his hand with the gecko tape and he can stick to horizontal glass plate from underneath.”

He continues to test the tape. “We had this idea of making some tape the size of a hand and suspending someone outside the laboratory window,? he says. “We decided not to do it because it would have taken a long time and cost thousands and thousands of (dollars), and wouldn’t have proved anything scientifically. But we had lots of volunteers.” But he adds, “There are some problems we have to solve before this could be used commercially; the main one is that it doesn’t stay sticky for long enough.” Whoops?it’s a long way down for a heavy human!

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