On Dreamland June 1st, while we were interviewing Michael Glickman, the English crop circle expert, the first major crop circle of the season was being created only a mile or two from where he was speaking to us by telephone from the U.K. Michael will be back on Dreamland June 8 to talk about it, and Linda Howe will have a major crop circle report for us.

The circle is situated between two large stones that, like Stonehenge, were intentionally placed there in prehistoric times. They?re known as Adam and Eve. This is the first time there has ever been a formation in this particular field, which is unusual, since circles generally return to the same fields year after year, even when irate farmers mow them down as soon as they see them.

The crop circle forms a kind of Celtic design, with 6 sections, and an elaborate ring dotted with 39 tiny circles around the outside (Michael will tell us the significance of these numbers on June 8th). It?s in a field of barley, which springs back quickly, so researchers had to photograph the design without delay. One thing many people don?t realize about ?real? crop circles is that the crop is bend, not broken, so it will continue to grow and will eventually form vertical stalks again, leaving a kind of ?ghost? pattern in the field. The crop can still be harvested and sold. Farmers complain that sightseers that come into the field trample the rest of their crop, not that the crop circles themselves destroy it.

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