According to U.S. intelligence, al-Qaeda is planning a new attack as big as September 11, although it may have been disrupted by arrests of terrorists during the past few months.”The attack will be large-scale,” one official says. The major attack will be preceded by smaller-scale strikes, including assassinations of prominent people in the United States. The government hasn’t said whether the attacks will be in the U.S. or abroad.

A defense official says, “Bin Laden basically always thought three steps ahead, would have plans in the works, multiple plans, not just one. Some of those plans, we believe, are still out there. Some of them could be quickly implemented, possibly, or at least reconstituted.”

What may have been Bin Laden’s voice was broadcast in November by the Al Jazeera television network, saying, “It is time to get even.”

President Bush stated that the danger from terrorism is growing because they are planning to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. “That is a fact,” he said. “If their ambitions were ever realized, they would set out to inflict catastrophic harm on the United States, with many times the casualties of September 11.”

CIA Director George Tenet believes more terrorist attacks are being planned by al-Qaeda because every captured al-Qaeda member has confirmed that more strikes are planned. He says, “There is no letup in the threat at the moment.”

How will the future see this time? New research shows that we look at the past in a totally distorted way.

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