The 911 Commission Final Report has slammed the media doorshut on what really happened on that awful day. But thenSecretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made a couple of “slipsof the tongue,” where he said that Flight 93 was shot down,and another where he stated that a missile struck thePentagon. What?s going on here? Whitley asksDavevonKleist!

Listen as Dave drills into the facts behind these”misstatements” and talks about the 28 minutes of new dataon his newDirector’sCut 911 in Plane Site DVD. He’s really got the goods thistime, and this promises to be a red-hot interview.

For subscribersonly: RayGrasse is one of the world’s greatest and mostaccurate astrologers. He’s ESPECIALLY good with hisunderstanding of the way astrology impacts geopolitics andthe fate of nations. So, what’s going to happen to theplanet in 2005? And how about the United States? What do thestars say about the fate of the President? Find out all thisand more from Ray Grasse. Plus, he talks about his “hits”for last year, and they are good ones. When Ray Grasse makespredictions, it’s worth a listen–a very CAREFUL listen…

AND, you can test Ray’s power for yourself by simplylistening to his LAST special interview in the SpecialInterviews Archive. Prepare to be amazed…

Ray Grasse has an active astrological practice. . To contacthim, email or write PO Box 270,Wheaton, IL 60189.

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