Moving body parts around seems to be the latest trend in plastic surgery. We wrote about an Australian artist who is having an extra ear implanted on his arm just for fun. Now a man in Wales has had two of his toes implanted onto his hands, but he has a serious reason for it?he wants to be able to keep fishing.

Colin Thomas lost eight fingers when both his hands were caught in a roller at a steel plant, meaning he could no longer hold a fishing rod or reel in his catch. He says, “I just love the sport, but it is impossible without fingers.” In a 13-hour operation, plastic surgeons took one toe from each of his feet and transplanted them onto his right hand. He says, “The toe transplant means I can be out there with my rod again. I never dreamed surgeons could do something like this. The doctors were just amazing.”

He’s bought a boat with the money he got from the steel company in compensation for his accident, and goes fishing every day. He says, “People stare at me but I’ve got used to that, and I always joke that I’m the only man who can pick his nose with his toes.”

Lots of amazing scientific experiments are being done today, but there are seven experiments which have never been done?which would reveal so much about the way the world works.

What do toes look like when they’ve been transplanted onto a hand? click here and scroll down to find out.

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