In Latinos, anyway – Hispanics who move to the US have higher rates of cancer than their relatives who stay home. This may be due to under reporting in their home countries, but it’s something that is concerning researchers who are searching desperately for some of the causes of this dreaded disease.

Miami researcher Paulo S. Pinheiro thinks it’s important that we not lump all Spanish-speaker together. He says, “Hispanics are not all the same with regard to their cancer experience. Targeted interventions for cancer prevention and control should take into account the specificity of each Hispanic subgroup: Cubans, Puerto Ricans or Mexicans.”

Texas researcher Amelie G. Ramirez agrees and says, “They are really heterogeneous from cultural and socioeconomic perspectives and represent several population groups.” This is important information for physicians, since nearly one in every three people will be Hispanic by 2050.

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