This was one of the first UFO abductions to be taken seriously by the media. On the night of September19, 1961, a biracial couple named Betty and Barney Hill were driving home to them and then rapidly descending down toward their car. They experienced "missing time" and found themselves in their car 35 miles away, two hours later.

Initially, they couldn’t remember what had happened, but memories of an abduction by "aliens" gradually returned. Psychiatrist and neurologist Benjamin Simon used regression hypnosis to help unlock their memories. On the Before It’s News website,

Lee Speigel (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows) quotes the words Betty Hill told a reporter in 1975: "The first time I saw the occupants was a group of them standing in the highway, just prior to our capture. As far as appearance, we described them as four-and-a-half to five feet tall, humanoid-like, very large eyes that slanted upward, very flat nose, just a thin slit for a mouth, a grayish complexion, and that they were all dressed alike. I don’t think I was really prepared for their appearance–I was terrified."

This is a description that is familiar to many contactees. Anne Strieber has now interviewed 13 of them, and the stories they have to tell are as incredible as the Hills’. Here’s another true story that will soon be made into a movie: Whitley Strieber’s graphic novel "The Nye Incidents," which is based on information linked to him by a coroner. You can get one of the LAST copies from the Whitley Strieber Collection.

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