It was a place of healing! – A new archeological dig is beginning at Stonehenge in order to establish, once and for all, the date it was built. The researchers think that the gigantic structure was created as a place of healing.

This may have been the reason for the placement of the smaller bluestones INSIDE the giant pillars. It has been discovered these were brought all the way from Wales and placed there, so they were probably thought of as having magical properties of some sort.

BBC News reports that this conclusion is partially drawn from the skeletons that have been found buried nearby because “a significant proportion of the newly discovered Neolithic remains show clear signs of skeletal trauma. Some had undergone operations to the skull, or had walked with a limp, or had broken bones.” UK archeologists Tim Darvill and Geoff Wainwright have traced the bluestones to the exact spot they came from in Wales, meaning they were transported there from over 300 miles away. At the rock location, they found Neolithic inscriptions indicating that the people there believed that the stones, and the nearby waters, had healing properties.

BBC quotes Simon Thurley, of English Heritage, as saying, “Very occasionally, we have the opportunity to find out something new archeologically?we are at that moment now. We believe that this dig has a chance of genuinely unlocking part of the mystery of Stonehenge.”

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