A group of English scientists are combing the Gobi Desert insearch of the legendary Mongolian Death Worm, also known asthe Allghoi khorkhoi. Nomads in the area claim that theDeath Worm can spit yellow saliva that works like powerfulacid, and that it generates electrical discharges powerfulenough to kill a camel.

The expedition, being sponsored by theBritish Centre for ForteanZoology, is led by Richard Freeman, who comments in a pressrelease:

?I don?t think that it?s a worm at all. True worms needmoisture. I think it is a limbless, burrowing reptile,probably a giant member of a group of reptiles known asamphisbaenas or worm lizards.” “These are a primitivegroup ofpoorly studied animals” Freeman continued. “They are notsnakes or lizards butare related to both. I think the Death Worm is a giantmember of this group.?

As of May 7, 2005, the researchers offered the following update:

“We have found ourselves in the Little Gobi and heading sofar south that we were only 30 miles away from the Chineseborder. Unfortunately, still no Deathworm, but we havevisited an area where a Deathworm was seen only three yearsago, so we feel we are on the right track because all of thereports we have heard so far are at least 30 years old.”

The photo shows the area where the Deathworm was last seenthree years ago.

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