It has just been revealed at a news conference in Beijing that the last communication from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, received just minutes before it disappeared, suggested that all was normal onboard.

Malaysian authorities have released details of the last message received by Malaysian air traffic control from Flight MH370. The short response to a radio message of "All right, roger that" indicated that all was well on the plane at that point. Nothing else, no distress signals or any further messages, have been received from the airliner. 

The search for the plane has now been extended to waters on both sides of the peninsula near the site where the plane was last recorded. Reports of it being tracked to the Malacca Strait have been denied by the Malaysian air force.

Speculation as to how the large passenger plane disappeared is rife. The Mirror has published eight conspiracy theories that attempt to explain why it has vanished without trace:

1. Alien abduction.
2. Life Insurance scam.
3. Electronic warfare experiment.
4. A military "take-out" or secret weapon at work.
5. Pilot suicide.
6. Secretly landed with communications turned off, possible hijack.
7. An Asian "Bermuda Triangle."
8. Crashed into the sea by terrorists.

Until the plane or any related evidence relating to its disappearance is found, it is open season for hypothesisers. We can only continue to pray for those onboard and hope against hope that they may still be found alive.

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