Crop circles turned up in the middle of 1,000 acres of wheat near the suburbs of Detroit two weeks ago. Researcher Jeffrey Wilson has determined that these circles, like those in Wisconsin that a farmer actually saw being created, are not manmade. Farmer Mike Esper says, “It gets weirder by the minute.”

Shawn Windsor writes in the Detroit Free Press that Esper discovered three circles, 51 feet, 10 feet and 8 feet in diameter, as he drove his combine around the wheat field. He mowed the first two down before he realized what they were, but he carefully preserved the largest one. He says, “I’m amazed by the whole thing. I wanted to leave it so people could see it.” He called Jeffrey Wilson to look at it.

Wilson found dozens of wheat stems with holes in the middle, the result of the application of sudden heat from an unknown source that creates the circles and turns the moisture in the stems to steam. This means the circle was not created by ordinary methods, such as flattening the wheat with ropes and boards.

Lately Esper is beginning to resent all the attention the circle is getting. People walk through his fields every day, and some of them even litter. Esper found a discarded soda can and returned it for the deposit. “First money I’ve made since it started,” he says.

“I think it’s cool,” says visitor Susan Davis. “Even if it’s just art, it’s beautiful. If it isn’t?wow!”

Only a few people have seen crop circles being made?and one of these is our science reporter Linda Howe. She’s back from the U.K., so don’t miss her double report on this week’s Dreamland.

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