With global warming, tropical mosquito-borne diseases are hitting the U.S. In Florida, the health department says there’s a “very high” chance that mosquitoes with malaria are flying around, after one man was found to be infected with the disease.

In the Palm Beach Post, Rochelle Brenner quotes Tim O’Connor, of the Palm Beach County Health Department, as saying, “He was outdoors and very active and bitten by mosquitoes [and] during that time he was highly infectious.” The man would have about two weeks to infect another person and that person would start to see symptoms in about two weeks. Symptoms include headaches, vomiting, chills, and high fever or sweating.

Authorities are hoping that the disease hasn’t spread, since the mosquito population is at its lowest level in 10 years because of the dry weather. Ed Bradford, who is in charge of mosquito control for the county, says Anopheles, the type of mosquito that transmits malaria, isn’t common in the area. “Where this gentleman lives, there just aren’t the canals or that type of environment where many of these [mosquitoes] live,” he says. “But it only takes one.”

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