New Zealand is the latest country to declassify its UFO files (now when will the US do the same?) More than 2,000 pages of documents, revealing UFO sightings going back to the 1950s, are included in the files. In the National newspaper of New Zealand, Stacy Wood quotes air traffic John Cordy’s statement from one of the documents about a mysterious light he saw one night: "It wasn’t a squid boat, it wasn’t Jupiter, it wasn’t Venus, and it wasn’t harbor lights. What it was I do not know."

Wood quotes Suzanne Hansen, director of a New Zealand UFO group, as saying, ""It’s reasonably easy to tell whether something is an aircraft because in New Zealand, and worldwide, there are certain legal configurations of lights, so if they don’t have those characteristics, it’s not identifiable. Then you’re mainly looking at movement, whether it’s able to hover, whether it’s moving erratically."

Countries have a hidden history of UFO contact and so do people like "Wade," who has been "Visited" since he was a child. Anne Strieber has recorded 13 special interviews, just for subscribers, where experiencers tell her what contact is REALLY LIKE.

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