Whether or not the huge creature known as the Loch Ness monster is a living dinosaur, we DO know that millions of years ago, huge carnivorous reptiles resembling Nessie lived in Australia. If the current Nessie isn’t real, we may soon be able to recreate her: A scientific breakthrough in DNA will make it possible for creatures that have been extinct since the Ice Age 30,000 years ago to roam the earth again?like Nessie does now?

BBC news quotes researcher Australian Benjamin Kear as saying, “Imagine a compact body with four flippers, a reasonably long neck, small head and short tail, much like a reptilian seal.” This creature grew to be around 16 feet long and had incredibly sharp teeth, so maybe we should hope that today’s Nessie IS a myth.

Mark Henderson writes in the London Times that the woolly mammoth, which has been extinct for a much shorter time (around 30,000 years), could roam the earth once more if DNA researchers can use frozen sperm found inside long dead mammoths to produce offspring in surrogate mother animals. Maybe the Loch Ness monster is a similar situation that somehow happened naturally.

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