From time to time, on, we talk about bugs–both the real kind and the computer kind. We also refer to bacteria as a "bug," and now it’s been discovered that 8-million year old bacteria that was removed from the oldest ice on earth is STILL GROWING. Also, fake bugs are being used to spy on antiwar protesters. Keep reading to find out more!

In New Scientist, Catherine Brahic reports that the fact that this ancient bacteria is still growing means that, as global warming melts glaciers and ice sheets, the bacteria that emerges could still be alive?and dangerous. It also means that bacteria that arrived on asteroids could very well have colonized our planet.

In the Oct. 9 edition of the Washington Post , Rich Weiss reports on an antiwar rally in a public park north of the White House in Washington that was spied on by insects–surveillance tools that might have been deployed by the Homeland Security. Pprotests in other major cities have also been "bugged" this way.

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