India’s intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW), its equivalent of the CIA, has arrested a largenumber of Pakistani intelligence agents in recent days, andremote viewing has played a significant role in the effort.Working with the Central Bureau of Intelligence, India’sequivalent of the FBI, RAW has apparently scored anintelligence coup against both Pakistan and al Quaeda.

US intelligence has had an uneasy relationship with remoteviewing, but India’s greater comfort level with psychic andparanormal realities has enabled their intelligence servicesto embrace the process without concerns that have inducedthe US congress to cause CIA to scale back its remoteviewing programs. Some congressmen have scoffed at theprocess, while others have labeled it “Satanic.”

India has been combining the use of remote viewing withsatellite based technologies to make important strides inthe intelligence gathering area. RAW has recently expandedits spying efforts to include not only Pakistan, but alsoChina and western countries.

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