…the QUANTUM way! – Don’t like your life? Casting around for a new career? The solution is simple: move to another parallel universe where things are better. We might even be able to avoid an accident that might lead to our death. Quantum physicists think this may have to do with selective forgetting.

It’s like “refreshing” your computer. If you know a disaster is on the way (2012?), then you just “reset” your personal computer, which is your memory. In the April 20th edition of New Scientist, Marcus Chown quotes Dutch physicist Saibal Mitra as saying, “?The machine will almost certainly find itself in one of these universes and avoid the catastrophe.” But it might not work the way we want it to?there?s a small chance you would “wake up” in a universe facing an even worse disaster than the one you were trying to avoid. Chown quotes Mitra as admitting that “You’d have to weigh up whether it would be worth the risk.”

There’s another obvious problem to this solution: if we can escape in this way, there’s no incentive to try to SOLVE the problems we’ve caused in this universe. And like so many inventions, it will most likely benefit the educated and wealthy, while the poor in the Third World are left behind in this universe to suffer.

Art credit: Dana Augustine

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