We regularly report on ice blocks falling from the sky and the reason why this happens, but since this phenomenon is reported in local news and these stories have never been gathered together in a single national story, it continues to surprise people when it happens to them. Now a California paper reports that a woman was awakened by a loud sound, and found a block of ice had crashed through her garage roof, destroying her car.

Jannise Johnson writes in the Daily Bulletin that Anne Gavell found the damage after noticing water from the melting ice coming from under her garage door at 7:30 a.m. A neighbor reported hearing a loud crash at the house around 3:00 to 3:30 a.m.

The Los Angeles Airport Authority says the ice didn’t come from a commercial airplane. Her son Jim Gavell says, “It had to be an airplane, what else could it be?” As is always the case with these ice blocks, the ice was clear, not the blue color of ice coming from a plane?s chemical toilet. Anyway, planes never empty their toilets this way.

So what causes this? Global warming. Contrails from airplanes remain in the atmosphere longer these days, because the lower atmosphere is retaining more heat, making the upper atmosphere colder. These longer-lasting contrails give rise to the “chemtrail” rumors. Also, gigantic hailstones occur when cloud tops reach extreme heights, and hit the cold air above the stratosphere. Pieces of these icy clouds and contrails fall through the atmosphere, getting bigger and bigger as they fall.

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