In November, Whitley Strieber sent out an appeal on behalf of a Mercy Corps project to distribute urgently needed blankets in Pakistan after the recent earthquake there has left so many people homeless. Thanks to you, it succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!

We’ve received a note from Richard Berger, the originator of the project, who says, “My name is Richard Berger and Whitley wrote an article dated Nov.11 on a project that I developed through Mercy Corps to send large numbers of heat-reflective emergency survival blankets to the Pakistan earthquake survivors. I thought the Striebers might like to know that 29,500 blankets are to be shipped out by air to Pakistan/Kashmir tomorrow and should be there by the end of the week. We are hoping to generate the funds to put into production at least another 25,000 survival blankets asap. It is very deeply appreciated. Mercy Corps spends a LITTLE on administration, a LOT on needed help around the world.”

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