UPDATE – UFO video allegedly from Haiti and the Dominican Republichas been posted on YouTube that shows exotic craft movinglow overhead. This dramatic footage has caused a sensationamong those interested in UFOs, AND NOW IT CAN BE PROVENTHAT IT IS A HOAX. The reason is that the palmtreebackground comes from the procedural landscapes associatedwith a video program called Vue 6. To see these landscapesin Quicktime,clickhere (If you cannot view, please refer to Quicktime techsupport.)

In our previous version of this story, we wrote: The reasonsto consider the possibility of hoax are asfollows: 1. the objects are flying, not sliding through theair like authenticated UFOs. 2. The clips last only longenough to reveal the action. Somebody seeing this in the airwould not simply cut off the camera after a few seconds, buta hoaxer working frame by frame would minimize the amount offootage created. 3. The videographer is anonymous.

And now we can add, the backgrounds were taken from a videoprogram.

BUT the sighting that took place 11 years ago and wasreported at the time to the National UFO Reporting Centerstill appears to be entirely authentic. To read thisarchived National UFO Reporting Centeraccount,click here.

To see the YouTube video,click here.

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