We’ve reported before on the controversy about thepossibledangers of the Haarp installation in Alaska. Now there isnew evidence that Haarp may be some kind of super weapon.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral ResearchProgram, and is a mysterious group of transmitters, radars,and magnetometers. In Wired.com, David Hambling quotes anAir Force spokesman as saying, "HAARP’s main job is toproduce radio waves to probe the ionosphere." But what FOR?

A document recently released by the Freedom of InformationAct reveals that Haarp can shut down VHF radio, TV and radarsignals whenever this is desired, leaving US citizens?andour military?in the dark. It would also be useful if wewished to avoid propaganda being beamed at us by ourenemies. It also might be able to disable satellites thatare spying on us.

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