Consider doing your Christmas shopping at this year. If you click on the ?store? tab at the top of the page, you?ll find wonderful items you won?t see in stores, like our crop circle calendar and Cellguard phone protector. We carry the books of the guests we have on Dreamland and a more wonderful selection cannot be found anywhere else.

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Here are some suggestions:

Best of Ray LynchThis marvelous CD includes ?the Oh of Pleasure,? the Dreamland theme. Here you’ll also find eight other truly great (and digitally remastered!) pieces from Ray?s prior four albums, plus two exquisite new compositions, ?Ralph?s Rhapsody? and ?The Music of What Happens.? Both are outstandingly playful, richly textured, bright and happy music you won?t find anywhere else. A special bonus dance remix of ?Celestial Soda Pop? completes the album, and with audiophile quality, you may hear things you?ve never heard before. Included also is a 5 page introduction written by Ray which describes his intentions and the process he experiences creating his music. To learn more about this,click here.

Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar by Steven SoraThis is one of our all-time most popular books! Oak Island off Nova Scotia contains a complex of shafts that have defied explorers for two hundred years. Not even modern mining techniques can get to the bottom of this incredible mystery. Steven Sora makes an absolutely fascinating case that the Knights Templar, running from persecution in Europe, buried the secret of the ages here: something that they had unearthed from beneath the temple at Jerusalem. One of the most enjoyable stories of lost treasure you will find. To learn more about this,click here.

Mysterious America by Loren ColemanAnother best seller–Loren Coleman’s all-time classic work on America?s mysterious places and creatures has been completely revised and updated! The new Mysterious America brings us up to date on everything from Florida?s skunk ape to Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil and practically everything that goes bump in the night. Mr. Coleman is one of the world’s leading crytozoologists, and he brings tremendous authority and credibility to this area of research, notorious for hoaxes and mistakes. This is the real stuff, from a world-class expert! To learn more about this,click here.

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Have a wonderful Christmas.

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