Medical marijuana users in Canada may go back to the illegal stuff, if the government can’t learn to grow it right. The Ministry of Health began distributing the drug to patients with serious illnesses last month. Canada has allowed the use of medical marijuana for over two years, but until a recent court order, people had to get it from street dealers. Now the government provides it, but a patients’ rights group says their pot is weak and nauseating.

Ian Gunn writes in BBC News Online that the Health Ministry’s official supply is being grown underground in an abandoned mine in Canada’s remote north, which may be why the results are so bad. One patient says it’s so awful it made him physically ill, while another says it’s so weak and unpleasant, he’s returning it to the government for his money back.

A medicinal marijuana lobby group tested the government weed and says it has little active ingredient and is contaminated with lead and arsenic, so it’s dangerous as well as ineffective.

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