Mike Evans found a Cheeto in a bag he bought that’s the size of a small lemon and weighs about half an ounce. He was wise enough not to eat it?instead, he posted it on eBay, where it was eventually bid up to millions of dollars. The bidding got so ” says Evans. “I’ve even seen it online on a Russian site.” He finally donated the giant Cheeto to the little town of Algona, Iowa, where they plan to shellac it, mount it on plush velvet and put it under Plexiglas.

“This giant Cheeto could be a boon to our local economy,” says resident Tom Straub. “Anything we can do to attract visitors to our town would be good.” The town raised $180 to bid on the Cheeto. When Evans found out, he decided to donate it to them.

Are giant Cheetos common? “We have very high standards and practices in place,” says Lynn Markley of Frito-Lay. “It’s never happened before. Not in our lifetime.”

Cheetos Development Manager Kevin Cogan thinks that some of the cheddar seasoning in the company’s machines built up and plopped out in big blob that somehow got past the inspectors. “We call it Seasoning Accumulation,” he says. “If you love cheese, this is the Cheeto for you. It’s beyond dangerously cheesy.”

Was this Cheeto some kind of omen?

To see a photo of the world’s biggest Cheeto,click here.

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