A ghost-hunter chasing women was arrested for allegedly firing a BB gun at a car that stopped near her home so its occupants could explore a "haunted tunnel." The group had heard the tunnel was haunted and planned to take some photos of it.

Nearby neighbor, 28-year-old Brandi Lea Amey, came out of her home and told the group to leave. As they were driving away, she is alleged to have pulled out a BB gun and fired at the rear of the vehicle. She was charged with five counts of aggravated assault. The incident took place near the Sensabaugh Hollow Railroad tunnel in Church Hill Tennessee.

Local Sheriff Deputy Michael Lipe says,"(One of the group) stated that a female with blond hair (later identified as Brandi Lea Amey) came out from the residence next to the tunnel and told them they needed to leave. As the male was getting back into the vehicle, they observed some type of firearm in Amey’s hand. Jessica said she saw the female cocking the firearm, and as they drove off, Amey fired it at them, striking the rear of the vehicle."

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