According to a new report by climatologists, global warming will get much worse in the future. Other researchers, who are looking at frozen mud cores to try to understand just how bad it got in the past, confirm this conclusion.

In, Seth Borenstein quotes climate researcher Jerry Mahlman, who looked at the first 1,600 pages of the four-part report, which was written by more than 600 scientists, reviewed by another 600 scientists and then edited by officials from over 150 countries, as saying, “The evidence?is compelling?The smoking gun is definitely lying on the table as we speak.”

Borenstein quotes his co-author Andrew Weaver as saying, “This isn’t a smoking gun; climate is a battalion of intergalactic smoking missiles.”

How severe will global warming get? Jason P. Briner is searching for an answer that is buried deep in mud dozens of feet below the surface of lakes in the frigid Canadian Arctic. He says, “As paleoclimatologists, we want to study Earth under conditions similar to those we have today, what we call ‘climate analogues,’ which might tell us what to expect in the future.”

Like other researchers, he is finding that the warming trend that began in the 20th century is more pronounced in the Arctic than it is in the rest of the globe. He says, “The magnitude of warmth over the past 100 years seems pretty exceptional in the context of the past 1,000 years. Whereas maybe an average of all of the instrument data from the globe shows just a half a degree increase in this century, in the Arctic, temperatures went up by two to three degrees in the same period.”

Melting in the Arctic will release fresh water which will affect ocean currents, as described in the Superstorm scenario. The sliding of Antarctic glaciers into the sea could cause ocean levels to rise.

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