We just got through having a record tornado season, and now NOAA forecasters say there’s a “high likelihood” that we’ll have a record number of hurricanes this year as well. The hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30. Author Henry Willis has some insights about the upcoming weather. NOAA predicts between 11 and 15 tropical storms this season, and 6 to 9 of these are expected to become hurricanes, with two to four of them “major storms” of Category 2 or higher. Category 2 storms have winds of 96 to 110 mph. Category 5 is the worst, with winds exceeding 155 mph. The average hurricane season has 10 storms.

Forecaster James R. Mahoney says the increase in storms will be due to warmer waters in the Atlantic Ocean. Mike Brown, of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, says,”Whether these predictions turn out to be true or not true, I can guarantee you that there will be some sort of tropical storm, there will be some sort of hurricane.”

Be prepared?find out why we’re having such crazy weather.

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