The recession has hit some people harder than others. For instance, how does a Wiccan, psychic investigator, ghost hunter, time traveler or astral traveler get a REAL job?

It isn’t easy: On the Career Cast website, Kyle Kensing quotes Joe Franke, co-creator of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society, as saying, "This kind of work isn’t for everybody. You’re dealing with people’s lives and emotions, which means we must weed out cases of curiosity and thrill seekers."

Franke and Orlando Ferrante solved the problem by opening a business–the CPRS–that basically hunts for psychic entities. The process is very much like being a private detective, except that the being you’re hunting doesn’t necessarily appear to everyone (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to all these extraordinary shows!)

Surprisingly, ghost hunters have to be tech-savvy, since they use a lot of digital equipment (so maybe this is a good field for a burned-out computer programmer? Go for it!)

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