Big changes are coming in both movies and computers. Look for more 3D movies in 2008, as well computers that can take dictation (so you no longer need to type!)

In the January 9th edition of the Independent, Rebecca Armstrong reports on upcoming 3D films, which include an IMAX (large format) film about the rock group U2, an adaptation of the book “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne, a continuation of the horror series “Final Destination,” an animated film called “Coraline,” a Dreamworks sci-fi film called “Monsters VS Aliens. From Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings films, comes “Tintin” and we will see “Avatar” in 3D from “Titanic” director James Cameron.

When it comes to computers, BBC News quotes Microsoft CEO Bill Gates as saying, “We’re adding the ability to touch and directly manipulate, we’re adding vision so the computer can see what you’re doing, we’re adding the pen, we’re adding speech.”

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