If you plan on asking Santa for a new cell phone, but aren’t sure you’ll get one, turn your old phone into an iphone instead! Input Dynamics has developed software which can tell you where to tap on a cell phone screen tell exactly to tap on it to activate its various functions. In BBC News, Dave Lee quotes researcher Simon Godshill as saying, "We’re trying to replace touchscreen capability on a mobile phone with something that’s a much cheaper option. Many people are restricted in their use of internet and apps because they don’t have touchscreen phones, but our technology can make touchscreen functionality available to all feature phones. We are also very excited about the opportunity to make whole handsets touch sensitive. Our screen resolution is not as good as you will get on an iPhone, but you’ll certainly be able to navigate complex menu structures on the phone in a similar way to an iPhone."

If you want to avoid Christmas shopping madness, we have two suggestions. Our gorgeous 2011 crop circle calendar or a copy of the original edition of The Key. The Key will be published by Tarcher Penguin in April, at which point we will phase out our original edition. This means that copies of The Key will become valuable collectors’ editions in the future, so they make great gift now, that will only appreciate in the future. And if you subscribe today, you’ll save 10% on both of these purchases!

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