Tuvalu is drowning. The island nation, which is located in the Pacific ocean between Hawaii and Australia, may be the first casualty of global warming.

In the US, we?ve had protest marches about proposed laws that would punish and try to keep out immigrants from Mexico and South America. As global warming causes the oceans to rise, low-lying islands like the nine islands that make up Tuvalu will probably become uninhabitable sometime in the near future.

Where will these people go? Many of them are now leaving, landing on the shores of Australia and New Zealand with few skills and their possessions in a bag, like the poor farmers from Oklahoma who fled to California during the Depression.

The Bering Sea, a 700,000 square mile area in the Pacific near Alaska, is also showing the effects of global warming. Scientists have theorized that during the last ice age, Asians entered the American continent by crossing over the frozen Bering Strait and became our Native Americans.

The environment around the Bering Sea has changed from Arctic to sub-Arctic conditions. This change has made it impossible for the animals that once lived on nearby islands to survive, while encouraging the invasion of species from regions in the south.

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