Harvard professor and psychiatrist John Mack was hit by acar and killed in London on Monday night, September 27.After meeting UFO researcher Budd Hopkins in Cape Cod, whereboth of them spent the summers, Mack became intrigued bypeople who claimed to have UFO abductions. He professionallyanalyzed many of these people and found them to be sane andmentally stable and thus became one of the first scientiststo take alien abduction seriously. His courage in riskinghis career by acknowledging the validity of the UFOphenomenon was highly valued and he will be greatly missed.

While he did not conclude that we are being visited bybeings from other worlds, he did feel there was definitelysomething real going on that we don’t yet understand and wasespecially intrigued by the messages that abductees broughtback warning about a future environmental catastrophe, yearsbefore global warming was in the news.

After he wrote his groundbreaking book “Abuction?HumanEncounters with Aliens” in 1994, Harvard tried to revoke histenure. However, they were unable to do so withoutcompromising freedom of expression and research for allHarvard professors, so he continued to teach. He publishedhis second book on the subject, “Passport to theCosmos?Human Transformation and Alien Encounters” in 1999and formed the non-profit organization PEER to furtherinvestigate the UFO phenomenon. He traveled to manycountries, investigating UFO reports. One of his mostprovocative investigations was a film hemade in South Africa, where he interviewed several whitechildren who witnessed a UFO landing and a tribal Shaman whowas abducted nearby.

Ever intellectually curious, one of the reasons Mack was inthe U.K. was to speak at a crop circle symposium. Accordingto reporter Linda Howe, “he spokebefore the T. E. LawrenceSociety Symposium, in Oxford, England. According to WillBueche, Communications Director for the John Mack Institutein Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Mack’s first presentationwas sowell-received that he was asked to do a second on Sundayevening. On Monday he was in London and had gone withcolleagues todinner. He had called the family with whom he was stayingafter 10 p.m. to say he would arrive at their home around 11p.m., London time. At 1 a.m., the London police confirmedthat John Edward Mack, M. D., had been pronounced dead on astreet near the Symposium’s location, killed by a motorvehicle.”

Dr. Mack was killed by an intoxicated motorist, a youngCzech man who lives in the neighborhood.

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