The length of a man’s fingers reveals how physicallyaggressive he is. The shorter the index finger is comparedto the ring finger, the more aggressive the man. This is aresult of how much testosterone a fetus was exposed to inthe womb.

The Scotsman reports that University of Alberta (Canada)researcher Peter Hurd discovered this by studying thefingers of 300 men, then giving them tests that revealedtheir levels of aggression. In women, these two fingers areusually almost equal in length, but in men, the ring fingertends to be longer. In both sexes, the longest finger isgenerally the one next to the index finger (it’s the one wemake a certain nasty gesture with).

Other studies suggest that in men, a long ring fingerindicates a high level of fertility. In women, a longerindex finger indicates fertility. Another study found boyswith short ring fingers have the greatest risk of having aheart attack in early adulthood, a finding which is alsolinked to testosterone levels.

Hurd is now studying the ring finger lengths of male hockeyplayers.

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Many people describe seeing the classic three-fingered EThand?and some have even seen a claw on the end of eachfinger. Will we ever understand thealien agenda?

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