Now that we know that the ‘feeling of being watched’ is not a paranoid delusion, and that we actually are being watched all the time – even through the walls of our homes –isn’t it about time you built your own Internet?

That’s what techno-activists and growing communities of users are doing at this very moment – thanks to the advent of wireless networking. And they want you to join with them.

Since governments throughout the world are endeavoring to impede or prevent the vast multitudes they police from communicating with each other via the Internet, local peer-to-peer ‘meshnets’ are popping up so that people can safely and privately communicate with like-minded others in their vicinity. And these cells of connectivity are reaching out to other cells throughout the country and around the world.

Meshnets are created by and for the users and are managed by them, as well. In an article about “How Meshnets are Changing the Face of the Web,” published last November in Make Magazine, you’ll find details about how you can participate – if you’re not already doing so.

The article references Hyperboria, a global network that weaves the local meshnets into an international community. Its stated intention is, “to provide an alternative to the internet with the principles of security, scalability and decentralization at the core.” Hyperboria uses an open source networking protocol called cjdns, created by Caleb James DeLisle. It bypasses previous difficulties of using security software by building security directly into the protocol because “security should be ubiquitous and unintrusive [sic], like air,” DeLisle believes.

To learn more about Project Meshnet, visit their web site:

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