desperate measures? – One way of defeating climate change may be through geo-engineering. Suggestions include sending giant mirrors into space to reflect sunlight away from our plant to building gigantic “scrubbers” that would clean CO2 out of the air. Are these ideas gimmicks or real possibilities? If they won’t work (or won’t work well), we don’t want to waste a lot of time and talent on them.

Some of them could be downright dangerous, such as putting iron filings into the ocean to encourage the growth of algae, which would absorb CO2 (as all plans do) and “breathe out” oxygen. But this could also cause substantial damage to marine life.

In BBC News, Pallab Ghosh quotes engineer John Shepherd as saying, “It is an unpalatable truth that unless we can succeed in greatly reducing CO2 emissions, we are headed for a very uncomfortable and challenging climate future. Geo-engineering and its consequences are the price we may have to pay for failure to act on climate change.”

We sure wish we could engineer some UFO or crop circle sightings for you (and maybe we can!) In their cabin in upstate New York, the Striebers discovered that getting contactees together in a group often lead to sightings and visitations. We’re going to test this in the California desert in October at our Stargate Conference. Will magic happen there? Come and find out! Subscribers have a coupon that gives them $25 off!

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