Soon, if you want decaffeinated coffee, you won’t have todrink a brew that’s been chemically treated?you’ll drink acup of decaf made from coffee beans that were grown that way.

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist that biologists havediscovered a naturally decaffeinated coffee plant?and it’sreal coffee, not just something that tastes like it. “Thisis the first report of a decaffeinated variety of Coffeaarabica,” says Paulo Mazzafera. “This species is the mostcultivated species in the world, responsible for more than75% of traded coffee.”

Pablo Dubois, of the International Coffee Organization,says, “This should be a step forward in terms of gettinghigh quality decaffeinated coffee. There’s always a risk oflosing flavor compounds, although there are examples of verygood flavor in today?s decaffeinated products.”

There’s no better way to sip that brew than in our beautifulnew unknowncountry.commug,while using our unknowncountrymousepad(and wearing ourteeshirt too!)

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