While scientists still disagree over whether or not bird flu will become a dangerous epidemic of the kind that killed millions in 1918, bird flu has quietly entered the UK, in the form of a dead parrot that has tested positive for the bird flu virus H5N1. This should be a warning to everyone who keeps an exotic bird as a pet. Other recent warnings include not eating undercooked chicken or eggs.

Steve Connor and Genevieve Roberts report in the Indpendent that the parrot was imported from Surinam in South America. It died while in quarantine, which is mandatory for all imported birds in the UK. However, many exotic birds for sale, in the UK and elsewhere, have been illegally smuggled into the country, so quarantining them will not necessarily prevent the spread of bird flu. In the US, imported parrots are illegal and most of them for sale in pet shops have been raised in this country from eggs. There are special bird handlers who raise the chicks from the time they hatch until they’re ready to be sold. If you want to buy an exotic bird, be safe?be sure you get one of these. They also make better, friendlier pets.

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