The Chinese want to claim the moon for its valuableHelium-3, although the U.S. has vowed to return and plantanother American flag there first. Now Denmark wants tostake a claim to the North Pole, so they can hunt for theoil that has become more accessible due to thinning icecaused by global warming.

Denmark plans to send an expedition to the pole to try toprove that the seabed beneath the Pole is a naturalcontinuation of Greenland, which is a Danish territory. TheDanish claim rests on the UN convention that allows coastalnations to claim rights to offshore seabed resources.Countries that ratify it have 10 years to prove they have afair claim to the offshore territory and its resources.Science Ministry official Thorkild Meedom says, “First we have to make the scientific claim. After thatthere will be a political process with the other countries.”Other countries claiming the area include Russia, Canada andNorway. The United States may also make a claim.

Samantha Smith, director of the World Wildlife Fund?s ArcticProgram, says, “We’re seeing a growing focus on and fightfor the resources in the Arctic, especially as the globalwarming makes the region more accessible.”

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