We?ve learned over recent weeks that the FBI and the CIA had many warnings about upcoming terrorist attacks that they either downplayed or ignored. We?ve been told that during the Clinton years, the CIA was told to stop recruiting a certain type of low-life (possibly criminal) agent and instead of using moles to infiltrate foreign governments, to rely on technological snooping instead.

Now we learn that we did have agents inside al-Qaeda after all?to no avail. They knew attacks were coming, but didn?t get enough specific information to predict the date or type of attacks.

Egypt knew something was up. Egyptian intelligence warned U.S. intelligence a week before Sept. 11 that bin Laden was about to launch a major strike against the U.S. President Hosni Murbarak says, ?We informed them (the U.S.) about everything.? Egypt tried to stop it, but didn?t have enough details to go on. He says, ?We thought it was an embassy, an airplane, something, the usual thing.?

Congress is suspicious that Murbarak is trying to make himself look important before visiting Washington next week. He seems to realize this and says, ?Maybe some congressmen were thinking, ?What is Egypt doing?? There are so many things we cannot say, mainly intelligence information. We did a lot, but sometimes you have to do it quietly.?

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