Diario La Prensa – Nicaraguan farmer Jorge Luis Talavera, who submitted the skeleton of an unknown animal that had been killing his sheep to the National University of Nicaragua for analysis, claims that the photographs they released (see related story 09/01/00) are not of the skeleton he gave them. He also claims that another mysterious creature is attacking his sheep, and is attempting to bait and shoot it as he did the last one.

In a related story, 10 goats were beheaded by what some local residents believe to have been a chupacabras in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, or possibly by cult members seeking blood for rituals.

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Jose Luis Talavera says he is expecting it to attack sheep, and its ready to hunt it. “We stay awake all night when the Chupacabras is on the prowl. We take shifts so we won’t be so tired, but it’s becoming unbearable,” states Talavera.

“Its a fact that I’m not going to withdraw [the creature], after they swapped the skeleton, what they’re planning to do remains to be seen. Why should I bother? Let them discard it. ” he added.

LEON.- The new specimen prowling Jorge Luis Talavera’s sheep pen, located at Km. 154 of Malpaisillo at the San Lorenzo Ranch in the village of El Barrio, is slightly larger than an a Pekinese dog. This is the same location where the skeleton of the alleged “chupacabras” turned up.

Talavera told LA PRENSA that the animal comes up to the pen, which is adjacent to the living area, and will be allowed to attack a number of sheep as bait. [Talavera] will then fire his shotgun at it, as he did 15 days ago with the first animal.

–A White Chupacabras–

“We’ll let it taste blood once more, since that’s the way the seem todevelop the taste for sucking sheep. Once it’s shyness has been overcome, I’ll hunt it down,” stated Talavera, adding that the new animal prowling around the property is white in color.

The rancher indicated that the family is tired of keeping watch for over a month, when the exsanguination of the area’s sheep began.

Concerning recovery of the alleged Chupacabras skeleton he was scheduled to make this week at the UNAN-Leon’s laboratory, he stated that he would no longer do so, since there was little sense in spending money on transportation from Malpaisillo to Leon to collect the bones of a “dog”.

Edmundo Torres, vicechancellor for research at UNAN-Leon, denied Talavera’s statement that the university was planning to keep the remains of the specimen discovered. “This is absolutely untrue. We have never had any direct communication with Talavera–only with the mayor of Malpaisillo. We have no interest in keeping its remains,” Torresexplained.

He further added that they hope Jorge Luis Talavera will present himself in order to formally turn the skeleton over to him, since it is does not belong to the institution. “If he no longer wishes to remove it, we will confirm this to make decisions until they authorize it, and avoid any misunderstandings about the canine.” noted the Vicechancellor.

Translation (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology.Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi

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