Dreamland science reporter Linda Howe gave a report about the most spectacular crop circles of the 2001 season on our October 27 show and has the details on her website, Earthfiles.com.

On August 12, an enormous 787-foot-diameter six-armed formation of 409 circles was discovered at Milk Hill in England. On August 14, a rectangular formation was seen in a wheat field next to the radio telescope at the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire, England. No one knew what it was until aerial photographs were taken and a humanoid face was revealed. On August 20th, a strange binary code formation appeared in the same field. British researcher Paul Vigay compared it to the 1974 Arecibo, Puerto Rico radio telescope transmission created by Cornell University astronomers who sent a message about humans and the earth into space, and he thought it might be some sort of reply.

How can we tell ?real? crop circles (made by unknown means) from ones made by human beings? Crop circle researchers can often tell simply by looking at a circle, but definitive proof comes from scientific analysis of the plant and soil samples taken from it. Most of this work has been done by Michigan biophysicist, Dr. W. C. Levengood. Linda asked Charles and Francis Mallett of Wiltshire to collect samples from all three circles and send them to Dr. Levengood and she has just received the results from his testing.

Growth nodes from the Milk Hill formation of August 12th were lengthened and had expulsion cavities, which are small holes blown out of the stem nodes. Dr. Levengood has documented such expulsion cavities in other formation plants over the past several years. He believes that cell water is heated by a mysterious kind of microwave energy that interacts with crops to produce the crop formations that are not made by people flattening the crop.

Dr. Levengood also discovered that the Milk Hill formation wheat seed weights were significantly reduced in size compared to normal control wheat samples taken outside the formation. But when the Milk Hill seeds were germinated under controlled laboratory conditions, they had a 111% increase in growth rate compared to the controls. He has found that crop circle seeds show increased growth rate and has demonstrated in his lab that short bursts of microwaves on crops can produce accelerated growth.

He also found higher than normal deposits of magnetic material in the soil sampled from the Milk Hill cropcircle compared to soil outside the formation. He?s seen unusual concentrations of magnetic iron in other crop formations from Israel and Europe, as well as the United States.

He feels that the incredibly intricate Milk Hill circle was formed by a spinning microwave energy system interacting with the wheat plants, causing biochemical and biophysical changes and a higher concentration of magnetic iron particles in the soil.

However, Dr. Levengood did not find any lengthened nodes, expulsion cavities, seed weight changes, increased growth rate or greater concentration of magnetic iron in the soil of either of the Chilbolton ?alien message? formations.

Does this mean they were made by humans? Not necessarily?anymore than the ?authentic? Milk Hill circle was made by aliens from another world. We don?t know how the crop circles that pass Dr. Levengood?s tests are made, although we do know they are created very quickly. The scientists that cropcircle researchers have questioned are not familiar with technology that is being used. This doesn?t mean that someone hasn?t secretly developed it, right here on earth. The motive for making these elaborate designs?no matter who is making them?also remains a mystery.

Neither do we know how the Chilbolton formations were made. We know that people do make some of the circles and that they claim they?ve made many more. Some of them are obvious ?fakes??inept and simplistic, with none of the mathematical integrity found in true circles. The motives behind these human circle-makers is also mysterious. Why not spend time researching something that may be a real and wondrous mystery instead of trying to obscure the truth by creating counterfeits?

The motives behind the Chilbolton formations are clear: they are a form of communication, a ?reply? to a question sent out into space long ago. Whoever made them had enough scientific knowledge to be able to subtly alter the binary code so that the formation answered some of the questions we asked. Why would a human being with this degree of scientific capability waste his or her time making fake crop circles?

As of this writing, all 3 crop formations have been mown down and remain only in photographs and memory, and all of them remain genuine mysteries.

To add to the mystery, researcher Nancy Talbott has reported seeing a crop circle being created in the Netherlands. Talbott went there in August to work on a research project with U.S. parapsychologist Dr. William Roll. He works with recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK) and wants to discover whether there is a long-distance human consciousness involved in the crop circle process. They wanted to gather data from the Robbert Broeke crop circle site in Holland.

Robbert has taken flash photos at night inside crop circles which, when they are developed, show orbs of light. Robbert can photograph more orbs inside new formations but has found they can still be photographed weeks or months after they circles have formed.

About 3 am on the morning of August 21, from out of her bedroom window, Nancy caught a glimpse of a brilliant, intense white column of light, about 8? to 1 foot in diameter. It flashed down from the sky to the ground, illuminating her bedroom and the sky as brilliantly as if it came from helicopter searchlights.

There was about a second of total darkness and then another tube of the same brilliant white light, which was slightly edged in a bluish tint, appeared slightly to the left of where the first tube had been. Then, after another second of darkness, the third and final tube descended to the ground. There was no sound at any time.

Robbert Broeke had seen the lights as well, from the kitchen window. The drawing he made immediately afterward shows that these tubes of light were spiraling down to the ground. Nancy and Robbert went outside to the field where they had seen the lights touch down.When they switched on a flashlight they saw that half of the crop in the area was flattened in a clockwise direction, and the other half was laid down in the opposite direction, and Nancy thought she saw steam rising faintly from the field.

At dawn the next day, they could clearly see a new circle in the field, which turned out to be about 35 feet long and 20 feet wide. There was a visible difference in leaf color inside the downed crop area due to the fact that the plants which were laid down in one direction showed the undersides of the leaves, while those laid in the other direction showed only the tops. There was a slight swirling of the plants in the center.

The lights that Nancy and Robert described resemble those that Linda Howe and other researchers saw inside circles in England. She discusses these orbs in her newest book, Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles.

For more information, go to Earthfiles.com andSwirlednews.com.

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