If you can’t remember the names of the people you’ve beenintroduced to 5 minutes later, wear a computer thatremembers for you. Accenture Technology Labs has created aPersonal Awareness Assistant (PAA) that uses speechrecognition software. It doesn’t have a keyboard ormouse–it consists of two wireless microphones, one worn inthe user’s ear and the other around the waist. The system isalways recording the sounds around it and when it receives aspoken signal from the user, it saves the 10 seconds beforethe phrase and the 5 seconds after. Your signal could besomething as simple as “Nice to meet you.” It also recordsthe date, time and location, using a Global Positioning System.

?We can be in the middle of a conversation and there can besomething that I want to remember later. Now I have thatgratification later on,? says Dana Le of Accenture. If youwant to retrieve the recorded segment, just ask the machine,?Who did I meet last week?? It will then locate and play thesaved audio clip.

It could also be used for spying. If a colleague gives you averbal agreement, for instance, you?ll be able to prove itafterwards. Law enforcement agencies might also find ithandy, although Accenture might need to shrink the devicesome before it goes undercover. ?I actually don?t wear thisout in public because people think I’m walking around with abomb strapped to me,? Le says.

Since the PAA isn?t for sale yet, those of us with badmemories may decide to try the Alzheimer?s diet instead. Newresearch shows that a healthy diet may protect against this

dreaded disease.

It?s still not known exactly why and how Alzheimer?sdevelops but you?re more likely to get it when you getolder. Cases double with every five years of age between 65and 85. The disease actually starts 20 to 30 years beforesymptoms show up, so a healthy lifestyle early in life maypay off later.

Scientists haven?t come up with a miracle cure, so they?repromoting the usual advice: exercise, lose weight and eat ahealthy, low fat diet. Some studies show that people who eatfoods high in antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, areless likely to develop Alzheimer?s. There?s some evidencethat controlling diabetes, high blood pressure andcholesterol helps?or it just may be that older people arealso more likely to have these conditions.

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