Regarding the recent California crop circle, one researcher writes, “?Crop circle ‘confessions’ are common in England, but are virtually never supported by any corroborating evidence. So last week’s alleged confession by some local teenagers who claim the made the Vacaville corn circle has been taken with a grain of salt by the crop circle investigation community, pending further analysis of the formation.”

He writes that there are some “rather odd perforations found in some of the cornstalk leaves in the circle. Their regularity, and the repeated patterns from leaf to leaf, seem to rule out insect damage. Then there’s the question of the disappearing corn mass, which is still being investigated?and the mysteriously clean shearing off of many cornstalks, as if by a sharp blade or laser. That these strange effects might have been produced by ‘ropes and boards,’ a la Doug and Dave, seems a bit far-fetched.

“The case may be closed in the public’s mind, but (as is often the case with ‘explained’ and ‘confessed’ circles), the anomalies being investigated in the Fairfield circle are proving to be increasingly intriguing.”

Reporter Leslie Kean says, “Yesterday, I went to the one in the corn field. There are three formations here altogether. The one in corn does not show signs of anomalies, and we suspect it was man made. But we took samples which are going to [laboratories to be tested].

“We’re quite sure that these holes are not anomalies?they are bugs. The bugs burrow through a number of leaves at a time, so the holes match up. This was discovered in a German formation last year?the patterns matched even between different plants?but scientists determined it was a bug. In this case, there were not many leaves that were affected, and they clearly looked like bugs. The researchers will check with local farmers and entomologists, but it seems clear.

“There is a second formation which did show node changes?a smaller and simpler one [which showed] both elongated nodes and expulsion cavities. Samples and controls are now drying out for analysis in about a month. This one seems the most likely of the three to be a ‘genuine’ one.

“The first one has been trampled so much by people that we’ll probably never know. It wasn’t sampled thoroughly enough. It may have shown some anomalies…but we simply don’t have enough to determine that. This is the one that three teenagers claimed they hoaxed.”

If you want to see some circles that were definitely not hoaxed, check out these.

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