There are plenty of people who dislike the traditional idea of being buried in a graveyard. They usually opt for cremation, and ask that their ashes be scattered in a particular place. Now they can be sent into space. And you can now send final emails to your friends after you’re dead.

In 1997, Celestis launched Timothy Leary’s ashes into space and in April, they are sending the remains of 150 others into space on the Russian Kosmos 1 satellite. The containers will orbit the Earth for approximately 156 years, then re-enter the atmosphere, burning up along the way. This costs between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on the amount of ashes contained in the capsule.

For about $12,000, you can be buried on the moon. Celestis will send capsules of ashes there on an upcoming lunar mission.

Fay Chandler and her husband both wanted to travel to the moon while he was alive, but she says, “We have to wait until I die and then we’ll both go to the moon. I was comforted by this thought during the last terrible months of his illness.”

And there’s now a service that will deliver final e-mail messages to your friends and relatives once you?ve passed on. In, Amit Asaravala quotes Karen Peach of LifeTouch as saying, “It’s a way to ensure that you get the chance to say your final goodbyes.” But you never know when your time will come, which is why a subscription costs only $10 for three years.

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