Scientists have grown new rodent brain cells in a laboratorydish. If this can eventually be done with human brain cells,we would have a cure for Alzheimer’s, stroke, epilepsy,Parkinson’s disease and maybe even schizophrenia. The braincells can be created at a time when the brain is young andhealthy, then frozen until needed.

The brain is always creating new cells, but sometimes thisdoesn’t happen as quickly as necessary to cure degenerativediseases. The brain is also flexible?new parts of the braincan take over the jobs of other areas that have been damagedby accident or stroke. Although you may not notice it, braincells die and regenerate regularly. For instance,neurologists now know that some brain cells are killed everytime alcoholic drinks are consumed.

Anne Strieber was amazed to find that she could almost feelher brainhealing. Wantto support Anne’sDiary and all our other features?Subscribe today! Subscribers get to hear Anneread from thediary she kept of the Communion years.

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